Peg Upmeyer

Arts and Scraps is the perfect name for Peg Upmeyer’s home of artful solutions. She makes sure that all of our children are exposed to art, guiding her students to think without boundaries, offering the freedom to see the world in their own unique way.

She will collect leftover EVERYTHING which she magically turns into kits that make cars, martians, and even dolls. Her building on the east side of Detroit is like nothing you have ever seen before. If children come to her for parties or for classes, they are treated to a kingdom of fun, where art, math and science collide and nothing but high-octane activities are in full gear. If you can’t get to her workshop on Harper, Peg takes the scrap mobile on the road. Having your child’s imagination stretched by Peg Upmeyer is a rare and wonderful way to see the world expand.

With her imagination, dedication and complete commitment to her community Peg Upmeyer and her scrap mobile are definitely a pocket of Detroit Cool!

Check it out!

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