About Us

Detroit today represents the attitude and energy of the new American city. Creativity, innovation, diversity and a unique heritage makes Detroiters stand tall.

DetroitPocketsofCool.com was developed to connect worldwide users with a living portrait of our city through video stories of our people who are making a difference. Interactive on all levels, the website enables a “here and now” depiction of Detroit, by Detroit.

Participation will consistently enrich the experience by adding more depth and color as content expands. Simply put, those who participate will make this virtual gathering place as cool as the city it reflects. We’ll share the voice of the established as well as the up-and-coming citizens who live and thrive here.

Pockets of Cool
Development Team:

Joan Abraham

Maggie Allesee

R. Drew Fezzey


Nick Caramagno- Film and Editing

Hilary Zabawski- Social Media Coordination 


Yuen Hom- Website Design

Brian Ashley- Website Development


Forest Hudson- Marketing

Tembi Muna- Film Production and Editing

Damond Rawls- Film Production and Editing