Partnership: A Mutually Beneficial Effort

Animate your website and promote support for Detroit with Detroit Pockets of Cool. Feature our video stories on your website, and we’ll feature your brand logo and a link to your company or service on

Detroit Pockets of Cool will bring the world to our digital doorstep. Partner with us and show this audience the full dimension of our great vibe – let’s talk.


Sponsorship for Detroit Pockets of Cool

You can sponsor a video story which means…
Your name/corporate name appears on the front and back of the rotating vidbits throughout the year. These vidbits also circulate through of partners’* websites and live on Detroit Pockets of

If you really want to show the world Detroit Cool and circulate the vidbits on-air and through existing local and national media networks, we have the connections to make this happen. Your sponsored vidbit will run through their website channels as well.

Check out our partners’ page. This is definitely a group you want to be a part of.