“Say Nice Things About Detroit”

Say Nice Things About DetroitLast week Scott Lasser was in town to promote his book, “Say Nice Things About Detroit”.  We were able to capture some of his time for an interview for one of our upcoming vidbits.  

Scott is the kind of Detroiter that puts a spotlight on the talent this city breeds with a very personal story about coming home to Detroit.  His Detroit reflects the multi-faceted, sometimes testy, city with a “heads up” kind of danger that comes with all urban environments.  This means, keep your eyes and ears open, be smart about your community and you will probably be okay.  

The multi-cultural tension of Detroit keeps the storyline of the book intriguing. It is the back drop for an urbane, saavy story that captured my imagination.   If we all get lucky, the optioned book will be made into a screen play.  I say, “we all get lucky”  because Scott”s Detroit is a personal glimpse at a city that has a culture you want to identify with.  It is a story we can all relate to in some form or another, and it’s COOL.  

I’m glad that Detroit Pockets of Cool has hitched it’s star to Scott.  He represents our smart talent with a universal voice that this environment produces.  Here’s hoping he hits the best seller list.  Here’s hoping his story floods our popular landscape because it shows a Detroit that represents the stunning influence the city has had on our country over the last century.  

Say Nice Things About Detroit


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