New Posts coming on Mike Stafford and Cranbrook

Stay tuned for  additional information on Cranbrook Institute of Science and the programs they produce for kids all over the state.  We will have a couple  more vidbits posted this week on our blog.  Mike’s stories about the Institute are fascinating.  Grey matter with your morning Joe. 


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Coming up is Peg Upmeyer and Arts and Scraps.  Peg is a one woman art teacher to the city of Detroit. She  stretches the imagination of children throughout the city when she pulls up to the schools or special events in her famous scrapmobile with all of her kits and scraps of magic.    We want all of you to be aware of Peg and her incredible work for our children.  The first person to post a picture of Peg’s Scrapmobile on our facebook page will win a free Detroit Pockets of Cool poster… and it is COOL. 



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