Arts and Scraps is a big part of Detroit Cool

Arts and Scraps is one cool Detroit destination where the imagination of children explodes beyond boundaries you would never believe.  

What a great idea for one of America’s key manufacturing locations: create robots, cars, dolls and many other things out of unused die-cut fabrics.  Peg has a building where she receives the scraps of the greater S.E. Michigan area and repackages the scraps into “Kits” that build specific objects.

Her building is a piece of art in itself right off the expressway on Harper.  From the moment you hit the parking lot you know you are 1/2 way to OZ with the lifesize figures on the fence made out of scraps.  

The inside is a mad mad fun house of art and science projects.  

If you cant get to her, Peg’s famous scrap mobile shows up at lots of outdoor events around the city.  She also visits inner city schools that have no arts program.  

She packages her kits of scraps and sells them through the website:  

If you happen to see the scrapmobile around town and snap a picture of it, post it to our facebook page and the first one will get a free Detroit Pockets of Cool poster.  

Peg Upmeyer is Detroit Cool



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