Videos tagged with 'artist'

Jocelyn Rainey

Jocelyn passionately believes that art is the true soul food of life. Hear how and why Jocelyn changed the course of her life from mowing lawns for the city to earning a masters degree in art education.  Her willful determination convinced inner city high school boys that art is cool, changing their lives with a [...]

Jay Lefkowitz

What makes great art? It is a vision that makes one stop and wonder: Wonder how it is possible for this image to capture the imagination in that moment of connection. With Jay Lefkowitz’s art, whether marble, watercolor, pen and ink, or metal, there is always a sense of joy that is a part of the [...]

Mark Arminski

Mark Arminski, a Detroit artist, first created his nationally recognized signature translating the 70′s – 80′s music scene from the inside out through his art. His art is an iconic representation of the times: the energy, the rebellion, the color that electrified a generation. His take on the psychedelic frenzy of the world of rock takes on [...]